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Bananas are good.

To Do List

Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDukeCommissions - Closed by SweetDuke

:bulletblue:Kiriban for ladYperfumE
:bulletpurple:Commission for DEO-VOLANTE
:bulletpurple:Commission for micro-wave
:bulletblue:Art for Imi
:bulletblue:Gift for Kaydeniro

Commission Information

Commission Information

The following are the packages I offer for manipulations =)

If you want to commission me, send me a note with your characters information, and what package you would like. Once that is returned to me, I will add your commission to my list of to do and I will commence work on it. Payment can be before or after I finish, but no finished work will be sent until payment has come through.

Bronze - $5AUD or 500 points.
- One subject, no background; no limit to what characters appearance is.
- It will be a transparent background, but uploaded to dA with black background.
- Full size will be between 1000 - 2000 pixels.
- If you wish for a smaller one for use off dA on rpgs or your site, let me know what size is needed!
- If you would like the name on the image or not; credits will go on image destined for rpg use.
- Examples;
Sultry for Lee by Nikkayla Commission for Tricky by Nikkayla

Silver Package - $10AUD or 800 points.
- One subject (extras cost $2AUD (no extra points)), with a simple background.
- Only horses, wolves & sometimes unicorns will be allowed in the simple category now.
- Full-sized manipulation, generally 1600+ wide and height.
- Unmarked, full-sized version (no watermarks) - will be noted/emailed to you.
- If its for an rpg character, a smaller version with characters name/quote will be made for use on rpgs - please let met know if you wish for this to happen! I am happy for you to crop and cut it yourself, provided credits stay in tact =)
- Smaller avatars, and clickables if wanted.
- Example;
the silver lining that you've ignored by Nikkaylait's a terrible thing to lose by Nikkayla

Golden Package - $30AUD or 2400 points.
- Up to 3 characters can be included - any details you like, wings, horns, more appendages, etc.
- Digital painting and more intricate details added.
- Full sized manipulation will be 2000+ wide and height, or bigger if possible.
- Unmarked, full-sized version (no watermarks) - will be noted/emailed to you.
- If its for an rpg character, a smaller version with characters name/quote will be made for use on rpgs - please let met know if you wish for this to happen! I am happy for you to crop and cut it yourself, provided credits stay in tact =)
- Smaller avatars, and clickables if wanted.
- Examples;
is this the reality... by NikkaylaThe Light in the Darkness II by Nikkayla

If you would like it as a desktop image, advise me of your desktop size and that you'd like it! =)well!


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Nikkayla Green
Artist | Student | Digital Art

More love less drama Features! Comment here =)

Journal Entry: Thu May 15, 2014, 8:00 PM

Just like I did last year around this time, I'm going to do it again; While I have a major assignment due at the end of today still, I will come back when I am done and I will feature again. So here! Even if its relatively drama free right now... the name has stuck!

Any and all who comment on this journal, I will go and find my favourite 3 pieces art in your account and put it in this journal, as a feature and will remain on here for a fair amount of time =)

So, comment away, and I will feature you, along with what I like (and for some, if you wish, I can attempt some constructive comments if you want but tell me if you want them too, if not I won't do it!)

EDIT: Apologies for the delay in more <3 I have had a few days of chilling out, being sick and then chilling out again <3

<3 Come to me!

PRIZE | dingle765 by aimless-claims THE SOUND OF SILENCE by aimless-claims SITTING, WAITING, WISHING by aimless-claims
I love the first one for its simplicity but being so well put together, with lovely lighting and a great choice in stock, and wonderful colour <3 The second is wonderful for a similar theme but the further detail in it is lovely, and the lighting is so good you can see the amount of improvement between the two images. The last one is a relaxing lovely image and I feel more at peace looking at it, especially with its calming lighting and beautiful setting.

The first one; wow you nailed that fire lighting and the glow around the horse, including mane and tail! The way the horse reflects in the water as well, so lovely! The second, I love that character of yours, I'm going to have to do her again and at night as well, to do her better justice <3 Love the glowing, and well done at a night time manip! The last is just <3 Over and over, the setting, the brilliant white contrasting the darker background of the forest while the horse shines right in the forefront.

STOCK marco beach shot by amberrsome FAITH WAS NEVER THIS STRONG by amberrsome until the world stops turning by amberrsome
That first stock image is a fantastic macro shot <3 It would be great to use, I might have to sometime! :D THe second, I love the red colours and the details, you did really well in toning the horse and background to appear alike, although a sun is setting and making them glow red. The last one, I have a thing for glowing blue things, and this is just <3 love the setting, the brilliant blues and contrasting temperatures of the blue, as well as the amazing detail in the mane and tail <3

Duchess In Her New Saddle And Bridle by PeterStoneandBreyer Nap Time by PeterStoneandBreyer Esprit by PeterStoneandBreyer
The first, your mare is lovely looking, and her tack set is fantastic on her! She looks so chilled out =) I love the model foal in the pink flowers, its such a cute shot and nicely composed too. They grey named Esprit, while it might be one you weren't as happy with, reminds me a lot of a grey mare I knew named Esprit (okay she was actually an Appaloosa but a WEIRD looking grey one... but still an appy. Anyway) and I have a thing for that pose and that horse, its a lovely photo of that model :D

Galaxy Ice by Charlie--X Hear the Words and Have Faith by Charlie--X Mermaid by Charlie--X
That first one is just lovely, setting the horse off to the side really makes the entire artwork shine. Love the detail as well, and blues <3 I also want to honour the model in this, Getz - He died two years ago, and this image reminds me of how fierce he was when he was in motion <3 The second, I love that song, "He Lives In You" to bits, and the detail in this is just staggering and wow. Such a relaxing scene! The mermaid is gorgeous as well, you nailed the depth in water perception, and the details are <3

Eye of the Storm by theSilverJackaL Time may take us far apart by theSilverJackaL Persephone the fawnling by theSilverJackaL
Since you asked for a little constructive crit, I'll do my best <3 The first one I actually can't think of anything anyway, it looks great, love the different angles and the colours used, and the detailing is great! The second one is a lovely post, nicely done - perhaps adding a little lighting on the horse from whatever your source might be, would make it pop even more. Same goes for the fawnling as well, but this is a brilliantly drawn one as well <3 I adore the fawnlings, and this one is just as lovely :D

Tiger19-Stock by SilkenWebs LionW9 by SilkenWebs Giraffe take 2 shot 1-Stock by SilkenWebs
Amongst the tiger stock on DeviantArt I haven't come across one on this kind of angle, with the tiger looking up. It is a great shot, as is the yawning lion. So imposing, with those teeth and how wide that jaw gets! The giraffe is lovely, it almost looks quite morose with the eye the way it has it. You have some wonderful stock in your gallery, and I have saved quite a few now <3

Where The Colors Don't Fade | AT by impassioned-dreams Paint It Black | DETAILS by impassioned-dreams My Love | COMM by impassioned-dreams
That first one I have listed; when I saw it, I was blown away. It is utterly beautiful, the details and the colours. It's so serene and so inspiring to me as well. The level of detail in the hair on the second one is just staggering, I have no idea how you did it or what patience you must have had! The third is just <3 For the cold but warming setting, with the two winter haired hoses on a cold day in wonderful lighting :D

Magic by ZoeZareefa Mearas by ZoeZareefa Thowra by ZoeZareefa
That first one is <3 The detail and the shining stars as she takes flight. Lovely little idea, makes me think of how imagination takes flight =) The second is wonderfully drawn too, and the delicate shading is fantastic and really makes it look great, and their poses are spot on and perfect matched to the angle of the background too. Last, how could I not include this drawing of Thowra? It's an older one of yours but I always see it and adore it, its always been one of my favourites <3

arabian drawing by mischeife I Was Here by mischeife Windows and walls by mischeife
The digital drawing, wow, the detail is fantastic, and that headshot is great. I thought it was a traditional media drawing as first, but I was quite mistaken! Lovely work! The second with the glow by fire, and antlers and the mane looking all tousled and unkempt, it just looks great, so well done! The last, the is a lovely image of your cats face <3 They can be difficult to capture sometimes, but this is a gorgeous one, well done :D

hear me now by roaringdoe you would have loved to see this day by roaringdoe bird watching by roaringdoe
The first one there has a great splash on it, and they aren't easy to do! Brushes are great for them, but it still takes a good eye to be able to use them well too. The second, I love love the calming tone of it, how gentle the colours are and how vibrant the horse is. Beautiful work on that front! Love the shot of the cat too, such a gorgeous look thing, and reminds me of our cat Mischa a fair bit too, with the silly expression =)

Realism-ish WIP by rohesian-studios Master of War by rohesian-studios Nobody But You by rohesian-studios
WIP or not, that is a great start mate, can't wait to see it finished! Adding detail on a digital artwork can be quite tricky, but zooming right in and using a new layer, you might be able to add in some finer details, but always check how its gone, and don't be afraid to play around with erasing part of the finer detail of hairs/etc, if you choose to do that =) The second, I love the setting of it and the mane and tail look really quite good on it! The feathering is great too. If you want to try going to the extra mile, trying adding in some more detail on the hose itself, to match the finer detail of the feathering so they look more similar to each other =) On this last one, though its a little older than current ones, the only major thing I can see for you to think about with further manips, is the lighting. You got it in Master of War but on this one, the lighting on the trees in the backgrounf is from behind yet the horse is lit from the front... the things to do here are to find stock that have similar lighting, or to change the lighting on the horse, which can be tricky but can be done, by either digital painting, lots of layers and heaps of patience <33 I hope I was a little helpful to you! :D

comm, atlas by BailanduSilueta prize, not trying to stop a hurricane by BailanduSilueta comm, i'm here to collect your hearts by BailanduSilueta
Atlas is such an interesting idea, and you pulled it off quite well =) It looks more like a digital painting rather than a photomanipulation too, which works really well for it I believe =) The second, I love the red tones and the flow of that tail is just fantastic, and the detail is superb on it. The last one, the colours are what really caught my attention, the mane and tail are fantastically done, and the detail is wonderful, down to the little one in the cage as well... lovely work all around! :D

lori by cdphotographs iced over 8 by cdphotographs just another day dream by cdphotographs
Lori is a gorgeous girl, especially in her scarf and looking like shes posing, wind included to make her shine! Lovely photo, she really stands out in the photo too, and her expression is quite interesting. I love the macro of the ice on the tree branch - I don't see much of that kind of thing where I live (in face I never have) and so its just fascinating to me, and the contrast of the dark twig and the edge of the ice with the texture on it is nicely captured. I am a sucker for a sunset photo too and this one is no exception, lovely photo <3 You have quite a good eye for photography, especially of smiling dogs :D

I love love looove the colour change job on that first one there, its so gorgeous and shiny, and the detail you added in on it is <33 It matches the background really well too, and the white markings make him pop out even more. The second one, you know how much I adore it <3 The white markings look amazing on it too, and the mane and tail in their motion <3 The third, I loooove the detail done on it, and the way its greyscale but not greyscale, with the reds shining while the rest seems to be a dulled blue; its gorgeous!

Big Sky by riding4fun321 Sparky Training by riding4fun321 Fairyfoal by riding4fun321
I love the open sky feeling and the toned down colours of the first one <3 It is quite lovely, and the horse matches it quite well too! I love the second one, the anatomy is great and the stride is strong you've drawn too, great use of learning from a ref! Third, I live that last one, the foal <3 Such a cute image, and pulled off quite nicely :D

SOUND OF SILENCE by Deltapotamus secrets still like songs by Deltapotamus GALAHALT by Deltapotamus
Okay so since I featured you last year, I was blown away entirely - your stuff then was amazing and now, wow! The first one I love how the horse seems to match all the colours of the background in some manner, and the details of the mane and tail are very lovely. The second ne, what a fantastic job creating a background (you actually inspired me to start learning how to do that better and practicing heaps) and the detail in the water and the horse is just amazing. The last, well... what else can I say but dayum! That character is amazing to look at, and you pulled it off sooooo well! Love the slight fishbowl effect too, such a lovely image!

crawling back to you by mockingale YOU LOOK SO COLD by mockingale I'M VULNERABLE, YOU'RE LOVABLE by mockingale
<3 That first one, I love gentle glowing like that, and you pulled it off really well, love the slight angle is has to it as well! You did such an amazing job on the lighting on the second one, along with all the details and the horse, it looks fantastic, feathers too! I always struggle with feathering, but you did them really well!That last one, the horse really pops out for me, with fantastic detail and shadow! The little red bird really adds something to it as well :D Wonderful works!

COMM: IDRIL by xdancingintherain COMM: BACCHUS by xdancingintherain Commission - silverrosesHL by xdancingintherain
I love the combination of colours on that white horse in the snow, and the sunset, its lovely! Good use of the colours in it as well as posing and using the right angles :D The sunlit horse in the forest is lovely, I love the warming tones with the earthen ones, it creates a relaxed feeling for me when I view it. The last one, love the overall purple hue and love the choice of sky for it - always loved a nicely done antlered hose too :D

Just one last step~ by henleyhorsestudios Random Retriever Manip by henleyhorsestudiosSee my soul free by henleyhorsestudios
I like the way you used the premade background for this one, and the added mist is nice too, lovely on it. The dog looks great too, nicely done manip and colour matched too! I love the glittery shining third one, I like glittery characters too though, and the phoenix looks great there too, lovely work all around mate :D

Pele Cutie Pie XD by Bright-In-The-Night Adelaide | OC Design by Bright-In-The-Night Glowing in the Dark by Bright-In-The-Night
I love the colours on this horse very much so, lovely contrast going on! I love these kind of designs too, and the markings and colours of this one are gorgeous :D Lovely work on the last one, I love glowing blue-type things, and this is great, love the markings on the horse too, and the post is great as well :D Lovely gallery you have <3



Luckyy xD
Sat Apr 26, 2014, 3:35 PM
I got 90.000 c: <3
Wed Mar 12, 2014, 4:05 AM
I got 89,999 and 90,002. :|
Wed Mar 12, 2014, 4:01 AM
your work amazes me everyday o3o
Mon Nov 4, 2013, 6:54 AM
Sup home skillet!
Fri Aug 16, 2013, 6:12 AM


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